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Formed in 1994 by Ron Nees and Scott Stearman, Masters Custom Studio and The Christian Home Gallery have provided custom and Christian theme sculpture to hundreds of clients. Our customer base continues to grow primarily by word of mouth from our many satisfied customers. From the beginning, the objective of our companies is to produce high quality gallery style sculpture at affordable pricing. We constantly strive to offer the highest level of personal service to our valued customers.

Our production, administrative and sales offices are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. All our products are proudly Made in the USA.

  Phil Wells is the general manager and provides design, production, and distribution services. He is also the president of Sculpture Studios, Inc., parent company of Fountain Creek Productions, Christian Home Gallery and Masters Custom Studio. Sculpture Studios took ownership of the three divisions in 2010.

Masters Custom Studio & Christian Home Gallery
A division of Sculpture Studios, Inc.
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